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    We offer the full range of knowledge, tools, and skills needed to cost-effectively complete your wetland restoration and enhancement project.


    Our services include:

    • Comprehensive site assessment, including ground water monitoring and land elevation mapping, assessment of ┬ábank stability and erosion control,
    • Detailed planning and georeferenced design based on your objectives,
    • Hands-on experience in techniques to manage invasive plant species,
    • Propagation of plants species of cultural value,
    • Implementation of proven planting prescriptions for erosion control, habitat enhancement, and control of invasive plants,
    • Design and implementation of effectiveness monitoring and ongoing site maintenance,
    • Placement and monitoring of nesting boxes and platforms for birds and shelter boxes for bats,
    • Habitat assessment, species at risk inventory, and vegetation, fish, herptile, and bird surveying,
    • Geographic Information Systems mapping and spatial analysis.